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Core Competencies in Trauma Treatment

Presenter: Esther Goldstein, LCSW

Part I
Thursday, November 29th 2018
12:00 PM EST

You are no stranger to seeing trauma in your office, but right now, you want to be more intentional in your treatment. You want to gain mastery in recognizing the nuances of trauma in session, and utilizing interventions to make progress and healing more powerful in your clinical work. Join in this two part webinar where you will learn about the two most predominant types of trauma, how they manifest in the therapeutic relationship as well as how to assess for trauma through the course of treatment. In the second part of the series, learn how to integrate the three phase trauma model and sharpen your clinical eye in assessing for dissociation and other complexities that often are overlooked in therapy


Part II
Thursday, December 6th 2018
12:00 PM EST

While it is expected to see trauma in your office, you're seeking more. You want to develop your trauma lens and apply the latest research to improve outcomes in your clinical work. In this second part of the series, you will learn how to apply a three phase model to your trauma treatment, whether that trauma be a shock trauma or developmental trauma. You will also learn how to continue your assessment throughout each phase so that you can address complexities such as dissociation. You'll learn to integrate assessment results to structure your treatment plan so you can provide focused and efficient clinical care. If you are ready to get more clarity in your trauma treatment process, this series is for you.



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