The new year is here...yay... You are probably thinking  " what another message about the New Year." Alas this one is a bit different. I spoke recently to a friend of mine who gave me a breakdown of his "morning" on January 2, 2014.  He described it as " a chore to get out of the bed." When I asked him why it was so difficult, he explained that he was getting used to how it really was 2014.  He went on to state that he was thinking about all the responsibilities and tasks he had to complete in the near future and within the next four months.  This lead him to keep the bed sheets over his body. I asked him to prioritize his responsibilities and focus on what was most pressing.   I suggested not to worry about items he had little control over and events that were months into the future.  He felt the weight lifted off his shoulders.  He was actually looking forward to the rest of his day. I told him to keep his head up and move on: Head to the second star to the right and straight on till morning.