Ahhh relationships. Defined as  a romantic or sexual friendship between two people; the way in which two or more people or things are connected.  The real question is  are we really connected to the ones with whom we are with whether it is on a conscious level or whether we try hard to be connected for the sake of it.  I have heard various "ways" of how to keep the fire going so to speak even hearing the occasional one that sent me laughing all the way down 74th Street.   When I was in New York years ago,  I was in the city hanging out with some friends at Patsy's having pizza.  The discussion somehow turned to relationships.  As it got more heated, I was sitting there hoping I would quietly disappear. As it turned out, the pendulum finally swung in my direction with the burning question " So Merio,  how would you continue " to keep the women happy?" ( they never got my name right).  I explained to them that it was not a matter of making a woman happy but rather of knowing each other's expectations, keeping lines of communications open, and no matter what happens, don't go to bed angry.   They all looked at me like I shot a duck.  Finally, one of them in his Brooklyn accent looked at me and said " So all I have to do is tell her she will expect me to be home late when I'm hanging out with the guys, keep yelling at each other in order to keep the lines of communication open, and whenever I get angry, rent a hotel room.  I did not make it to the door before I started laughing so hard everybody on that sidewalk thought I was crazy.  The point is I can talk about not taking your partner for granted,  not being passive-aggressive,  and not communicating enough because I believe these are very valid points to make.   I believe that however you treat the relationship and what you put into the relationship is what you get back tenfold.  I really do miss that thin crust New York pizza.