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Ross Lynn-Tabisel, Dr.

Women's Therapy Center
54 Sunnyside Blvd Suite A
Phone:516 576 1118
Fax: 516 576 8876


We offer two progams: one for women who live closeby and the other is a two week program for those who live faraway.
  • Therapist
  • Gender: Female
  • Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew, Yiddish, French
  • Years in Practice: 31 Years
  • Average Cost (per session): N/A
  • Sliding Scale: No
  • Accepts Credit Cards: No
  • Accepts Insurance: N/A
  • Professional Affiliations: We are a practice specializing in the treatment of Vaginismus. This is a condition whereby a women has difficulty or can't have penetrations. Often they can not use a bedekah, go to the gynecologist or use tampons.
  • Degrees:
    Degree: Clinical Sexology
  • Licenses:
    License: LCSW & PT
  • Modalities: Women of all ages who have penetration difficulties. This includes newlyweds, menopausal women, and women after chemo or radiation.
  • Ages:
  • Orientation: Body & Mind
  • Accept clients via telehealth: No
  • Vaginismus, Vulvar vestibulits, Vulvodynia, Dyspaurenia, Sexual Dysfunctions
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