Does money make a man?


In today's world, you find many people always hustling, "trying to make an extra buck", perhaps this is due to the ever rising costs of materials and services, but if we stop to think for a minute we will realize that money plays a big role in our lives, for better or worse.

the question I have is: Does money make a man? for that I would like to analyze people's behavior. 

Everyone has their own attitudes towards money. However, it is partly influenced by how money was discussed/handled in their house while they were growing up. For those higher on the socio-economic ladder, money may not have been as main of a concern for those that were less fortunate. For example, those who grew up "poor" (a different definition for each person)common discussion points were likely to be "Can we afford xyz?" "Will we have enough money for abc this month?" "Should I/can I get the brand name item or knock off". The more affluent families, likely had other concerns. 

If we look at the spending habits of a "poor" child, who is now an adult, we can notice either extreme. They either work hard to overcompensate for what they didn't have as a child, or they are worried about money, and fearing they will repeat the same process. (there is a middle way, although not as commonly seen) Further more, a child who grew up poor, but as an adult worked his way up the socio-economic ladder, how do they adjust?
 do they still have the same mindset towards money as before? Are they the same person with a little more in their pocket or did the money change them into a "holier than thou" person? Can one enjoy something (they couldn't afford before) despite its price tag if they can currently afford to buy it? This can work in the reverse as well. A wealthy man who is now down on his luck, how does he adjust? does his self image change?

I find these questions fascinating. More so, in society we tend to "value" someone of wealth more then someone unfortunate. why is that? what if this was the same person at different stages of their life?

so, the question remains, does money make a man?

That is for you to decide!