I felt a bit uneasy when my daughter asked for us to the board game Pandemic.  We usually buy some new games for the children for the Holiday.
Yet, this seemed to be an awkward time to introduce this game into our home.  Well, it arrived and the family sat together to play it last night.  Turns out that Pandemic is;
  • A good learning experience on the type of teamwork it takes to fight a pandemic, and,
  • A cooperative game where everyone needs to work together to win.
We won (not the hardest level yet). If only it would be as easy to beat the real monster.  It is not; yet, in these uncertain times, the best thing we can do for our children is to sit with them through the uncertainty and anxious feelings.
Experience this with your children and leave a comment below to let me know about it.

Charles Sender, LCSW