There Are No Exceptions

Every Private Practice needs a website. This is absolutely a non-negotiable. YOU MUST HAVE ONE! If you are active on Facebook, Twitter or any other social medial channel, but not on your website, you are fighting an up-hill battle.   When a therapist first searches for a suitable therapist to trust in, they will make their first impressions often off of your website. When they come to your site, they will ask themselves questions that sound like these: Is this site professional looking? Is it warm and inviting? Is there a photo of you? Is information placed on it in such a way that they get their questions answered? Does your personality express itself through the site? Although these are but a few of the questions that they will ask themselves prior to picking up the phone to call you, the answers often determine whether or not you obtain a new client.

Your Hub

It is imperative that you have your own platform or virtual real estate to house your ideas and message. Unless it is on your own platform, you can be censored…or erased. But on your own site…you are King or Queen, lol! All jokes aside, your website is your hub…the storehouse for all of your blogpost, articles, products, images or whatever you decide to use your website for. If you plan to blog, it is best practice to have your own site to house your content on. If you plan to sell e-books or any other products…guess what, your site needs to be the point of contact for those things as well.

My Mistakes

I remember starting my first business back in 2007…me along with 2 other business partners were young, ambitious and ill equipped. We had delusions of grandeur…ideas of capsizing an entire industry with our new and (at the time) innovative ideas. I remember going through the process of emphasizing the importance of having the correct title on our business cards (CEO, vs. Executive Director…) and even the importance of having brochures and pamphlets. I even recall putting so much energy into developing the right logo.

Unfortunately, I also remember undervaluing the importance of having a website. Sure we thought about having one, and even began the process of hiring someone to manage it, but we never completed the process. Suffice to say, that business is no more. Not just because we didn’t have a website, but mainly because without a website we were limiting our growth, exposure and brand authority. With no site, we had no way of developing a following; capturing the industry trends or standing out from our competition… all of whom already had websites.


Don’t Believe The Hype

Also, don’t be intimidated by the negative reputation that building a website on your own is associated with.   Now days, you can literally build a website in under 10 minutes! To show you that this feat is possible, I have produced a video tutorial walking your through the brief and easy steps of building your very first Word Press website. The goal is to simply get started and to get started without having to pay someone thousands of dollars. You are literally minutes away from having your very first website!

Get your website now with Therapist Express Site Builder. Click HERE for more details.

David Taylor is licensed as a mental health counselor for the state of Florida. He is also a certified life coach. He maintains a private practice in Winter Park, Fl. where he works with couples and single parents. He also coaches therapist who are interested in starting their own private practice. He can be contacted through his website at or at 407-318-4912.