Writing articles in local publications and blogging can be a very effective marketing tool.  Here are some quick tips on maximizing the benefits of your written word.

Persistence and Consistence
Write often and systematically.  This allows for you to build an audience and thus name recognition.  Writing a short article or posting once a week may have better payoffs than one long article.

Include a Bio and Contact Information in Each Posting
The easier it is for a reader to find your contact information, the more likely it is for the reader to call and matriculate into a client.

Share Your Postings with Others
Utilize social media and encourage people to sign up to your mailing list.  Most blogs will have Social Media share buttons allowing this to be done with ease.

Engage your Readers
Encourage questions comments and feedback.
Include Pictures in your Articles or Postings.  Even adults are entices to read articles and postings that accompany an engaging picture.

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Charles Sender, LCSW is a therapist practicing in Brooklyn, NY, providing psychotherapy, clinical supervision as integrative practice building supervision.  He can be reached at 347-586-9310