This week I will be presenting a workshop titled “Growing and Sustaining a Private Practice: Opportunities Are Where You Find Them and Where You Make Them” at the Florida Psychological Association.”   I am always please to be invited to do workshops and am excited about this particular topic because it is a new one for me.

            In preparing for the workshop I reviewed literature on creativity (divergent thinking), change and resistance to change (“Somebody Moved My Cheese”), entrepreneurship and the concept of “effectuation” by UVA Business Professor Saras Saravathy. The Walfish Doctrine is simple:

To achieve a long-term successful practice always look to adapt and evolve


            Using the principles of effectuation in the workshop I ask clinicians to look into their cupboards and see what they might be able to fabricate towards a new practice area (to do the same thing without evolving risks extinction of a practice). As graduate-level trained clinicians most of us have the following skill set:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Assessment
  • Consultation
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Developing Products


Using this rich and varied skill to generate practice opportunities I suggest clinicians look at evidence-based research, published books, survey what our colleagues are doing nationally, and explore what our colleagues are doing locally.

In preparing for the workshop I used the website “Find a Therapist” function to see what innovative work psychologists are doing in Florida. For each psychologist that had a link to their website I clicked thru to “spy on their practice” and discovered over 100 interesting practice or product ideas (if anyone would like a copy of this list write to me at and I will send a complimentary copy via email attachment). Here is but a sampling by each of the categories:




Government Service

Ernest Bordini, Ph.D. – Gainesville        

Lead Employee Assistance Program Provider for the City of Gainesville EAP for 15 years and has provided consultation, or services to a number of law enforcement agencies including fitness for duty evaluation and assisting officers involved in officer-involved shootings. 

Magda Lopez, PsyD. – Miami

Provide parenting training to families referred from the Department of Children and Families


Interesting Specialties

Jamie Joseph, Ph.D. - Weston

Third Party Created Families - a unique skill set that is essential in working with families using assisted reproductive technology and adoption. Dr. Joseph works with parents, children, and families in dealing with the many complex issues that are brought up by third party reproduction and adoption, including that of 'disclosure' and its consequences.

Corine Simone Damwel, Ph.D. - Tallahassee

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Positive Psychology

Susana Marikle, PsyD. – Melbourne

I provide sport psychology consultation to athletes with issues such as team cohesion, concentration, flexibility, motivation, mental toughness, pre-shot/game routine, visualization, perfectionism, consistency, and other mental skills.

Patricia Fell, PsyD. – Coral Springs

Hypnotherapy for Professional Achievement, Sales and Leadership


Stanley Althof, Ph.D. – West Palm Beach

Clinical Trails and Research in Sexuality

Joanna Oesteman, Ed.D. – Fernadina Beach

Research and Dissertation Services


Elizabeth Buckley, Ph.D. – Gainesville

Adult ADHD Coaching

Jeffrey Spar, Ph.D. – Miami

Coaching for Physicians & Healthcare Professionals



Lori Ben-Ezra, Ph.D. – Hollywood

Emotional Support Animal Evaluations

Alberto Gamarra, Ph.D. - Weston

Assessment of sports related concussions


Thomas Crum, Ph.D. – Plantation

Evaluations to determine capacity for medical, financial, and legal decisions

Michael O’Hara, PsyD – Jupiter

Forensic Consulting:Write direct and cross-examining questions (whichever is appropriate) for trial or for depositions on matters dealing with mental health and psychology issues



Robert Joseph Cipriano, PsyD. – Pemboke Pines

Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention, Stress Management, & Conflict Resolution in the New Millennium. This class is designed to heighten awareness and provide viable coping skills surrounding the psychological, physical, and behavioral effects from stress for law enforcement personnel. 

David Harvey, Ph.D. – Ponte Verde Beach

Workshop - ON FORGIVENESS Practical and scriptural, forgiveness is essential for freedom and peace in our lives.

Innovative Practices

Nicolle DeLeo, PsyD. – Fort Lauderdale

ï‚· Meal-time Experiential Support

ï‚· Parent Training/Coordination for Managing Eating Disorders in the Home

Carmine Pecoaro, PsyD. – Fort Lauderdale

Sober Living Home. “New Friendships Sober Living” is a Sober Living Enviornment located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It is Co-Ownded By Dr. Carmine Pecoaro. This is one of the very few Sober Living Enviornments that is owned and supervised by a Psychologist


Kristin Keough, PsyD. – Tampa

Women's Empowerment Group focused on empowering women in their self-esteem, relationships, and business.

Stephanie Lippman, PsyD – Wellington

Development Play Group - Building Blocks is a playgroup for parents to learn essential activities for baby’s development at each stage of growth.


Stuart Lagenthal, Ph.D. - Tamarac


Stephanie Renfrow, Ph.D. – Boca Raton

PROGRESS CHECKER (grades 1-12)This program is designed to allow a regular and consistent flow of communication between parents, teachers, therapists, etc. for a child who is previously identified as having academic impairments and currently receiving educational assistance.


As you can see one of the ways to generate new practice ideas is to find out what other people are doing in their practices. If some of these interest you take the time to learn the skill (remember the ethical directive of not practicing outside of one’s area of expertise) and expand your practice. Failure to adapt and evolve may lead to an extinct practice.

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