Photo: REX/Alex Segre

Do you FaceBook?  Ever think you are putting simple benign information on your FaceBook Page? 

A social worker has been given a 12-month conditions of practice order by the HCPC after posting comments on Facebook about a child protection court case.

The social worker posted on the social networking site: “I’m in court tomorrow for a case where there is a high level of domestic violence amongst many things…” and after the trial finished posted: “It’s powerful to know that… children’s lives have just massively changed for the better and now they are safe and protected from harm and have every hope for the future…”

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This article clearly spells out the need for clinicians and other helping professions to be extra careful in ensuring that no information about their clients is shared with others.  Quite a difficult task; most professionals have the opportunity to share the events, joys, and struggles of their work days with their friends and families.  Sometimes a lonely profession; but, we answer to a higher authority.