“But, I do not have enough time in the day to write for and maintain a blog,” Is a common statement heard in response to the suggestion to build a professional internet presence through a professional blog.

Yet, blogging can be a fun, ethical, quick and easy way to develop and maintain a healthy and professional internet presence.

Posting can and should be quick and short.

In the era of internet and quick paced clicks, professional blog postings need not be long. Developing a thought, just one thought or theme and posting it can benefit you, as well as the readers. There is no need to give all your clinical thoughts in one posting. It is more likely that your readers will read shorter weekly posts than they would one long post. Try to keep your posting to a size that can be read in less than the amount of time that the average blog surfer develops the “need to click twitch” on their right index finger.

Proofreading and Perfectionism vs. the WRAP method

Spending much valuable time on reviewing and perfecting the content can be counterproductive.   There is more often more value in posting regularly and keeping your readers engaged than there is in ensuring perfection. Try the WRAP method; Write, Review And Post. If there is a blaring mistake in your content after you post it, you can always edit, change and fix the error. You are not writing a book or a professional article to be published in print. Nothing is written in ink even post publication. In the worst case scenario, you can model for your clients and readers the ability to err and own up to human error.

Developing a Following; getting people to read your publication

Developing and maintaining a readership may be one of the most challenging aspects to internet articles and blogs. However, with diligence and time, this task can be done.

In order to increase and grow your blog following; try these steps;

  • Write routinely;
  • Share your articles;
  • Write about issues where you have knowledge and expertise.

Share your writing

Start off with a short list of people who you share your posting with. As with many other fields, your first customers can and should be those who cannot refuse you; your family and friends. This is the same way your mother was most likely your first paying customer when you opened your first lemonade stand. At some point, they will start to forward and share the articles/posting with others thus increasing your sphere of influence.  Most blogs will allow for those interested to sign up in order to be notified when there is a new posting. The more you write and the more your share will increase the number of people signing up.

Share your articles on social media with those who share your interest. Sharing is easily done with the click of a Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter Icon. Within a matter of thirty seconds, your posting can be viewed by thousands.

Securing new clients

Yes, developing and maintaining a professional clinical blog can be fun and has its intrinsic value in its ability to provide help and pychoeducation to many; yet, often, you are looking for your investment in writing to bring potential clients knocking on your office door.

  • Make sure that the clients, who reach out for your services due to reading your posting, are the correct match for you. Write about topics you frequently treat in your practice. In all likelihood, writing about a topic in a blog, will give readers the impression to what and who you work with.
  • Make sure your bio and contact information is listed at the end of each posting.
  • Keep an eye out for comments on postings. It may be a someone looking to engage your services

Ethical Principles

  • The internet is a public forum. All writing should be done with the belief that your clients and their loved ones will be reading what your write. Ensure that you are not providing identifying information on clients that will allow for others to identify them or for them to identify themselves in the posting.
  • Although psychoeducation is a quality and community service that is beneficial readers should not be under the impression that communicating on a blog is therapy or a substitute for a professional clinical relationship.

How to set up a free professional blog in under sixty seconds

  1. Set up an account on TherapistExpress here http://therapistexpress.com/edit_therapist.php
  2. Sign into your account
  3. Click Edit Blog